Cultivated Roses
(a collaboration)

Body of work in collaboration with imported roses  collected from local flower shops.

Rose petal weaving with silk on cotton
9 x 10 in

The Rose Marks it’s Path
Photo essay

These photos attempt at depicting the experience of working with roses as a collaborator. As an artist, I approach the material acknowledging it’s personhood. This work engages with pan-american Indigenous ideas of relationality and reciprocity. 

A prited version of this photo essay with accompanying texts is currently in production thanks to the support of Platform Centre for photographic and Digital arts. 

Giving and Taking with Dump Roses
Ongoing collaborative project 

This project consist of naturally dyeing sessions where I transform garments in disuse using dump roses.

I gave a talk about this body of work as part of the Manitoba Craft Council’s Fall Talks.
Watch it here: 
Taking and Giving Back: Natural Dyeing on Stolen Land