Banner for a Party

Archival Inkjet print, 40 in x 26 in

(With a split heart)
Dry cake. Dedos de chizito
Loud talking
(Dancing in front of abuelita)
At the party
We laughed at all the frustrating

 “Que Huevada” is a slang word used acros Latin America, that to me describes useless things or situations that are laughably frustrating.  The style of the typeface I used references hand painted signs in Peru that fill the visual landscape of urban centres. This style is known as ‘chicha’.
This work reflects on regionality and specificity and how things get lost in translation. More so, how certain things are not meant to be for everyone and the power of exclusion. I thought about parties where not everyone is invited and how funny it would be to throw one in celebration of barriers that impede clear understanding.  

Exhibited at Window Gallery 41: January 1st to February 13th, 2019
This installation was curated by Mariana Muñoz Gomez, on behalf of Collecting, Citing, Curating (CCC), with funding from the University of Manitoba Institute for the Humanities.

Photographed by Sean McLachlan